Victory Life Church


Rev Ben and began sharing Facebook live videos of the revelations God gave him with his family. Thus began a daily journey in the Word of God called “The Travel of Faith” (TTF). This was the beginning of the Rev Ben online ministry. And since then the ministry has grown in leaps and bounds. God has expanded the ministry to more than 52,000 followers and counting. May all glory be to God!

Victory Life Church

A Word based Church, magnifying the glory of the Father, the doctrine of the Cross

Wonder Working Women

We are passionate in working for God’s Kingdom

Miracle Men’s Meeting

We are strong, we walk in the miracles of the Elohim God.

Helping Hands

God blesses us so that we as the blessed can be a blessing to the others. We believe it is important to display the Love of God to everyone, not just by giving them the Word but also by our actions.

Victory Youth

Our young blood is encouraged to live according to the Word & to be an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

Victory Kids

Every member of VLC is encouraged to be brought up in the Lord at a very young ageto understand their Divine Father. They are taught who they are in Christ and prepared to live a life glorifying their Creator