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Victory Life Church


Rev Ben and began sharing Facebook live videos of the revelations God gave him with his family. Thus began a daily journey in the Word of God called “The Travel of Faith” (TTF). This was the beginning of the Rev Ben online ministry. And since then the ministry has grown in leaps and bounds. God has expanded the ministry to more than 52,000 followers and counting. May all glory be to God!

Our Pastors

Chief Pastors

Rev Ben was brought to salvation by observing the actions of his wife Shoba. He began his ministry as a youth with his wife Shoba. As the ministry grew, so did God’s blessing. He's been in the Lord's service since 1993 and has been strengthened by the Hand of the Lord. Rev Ben ministers to his church Victory Life Church along with Shoba and their two sons and four daughters. They are based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Rev Ben and Shoba began to minister to a small group of friends gathered at home together in the name of the Lord. This was the beautiful beginning of Victory Life Church. Centered on the Word of God the group began to expand. 25 years later, God continues to show His glory to His people. Victory Life Church is where you live your life in His Victory. God has been using Rev Ben mightily to reveal His glory to the general public. Victory Life Church has witnessed the hand of God in powerful healings. VLC is known a report changing church. A cancer cancelling church. A Word based Church. A church where God’s Name is exalted. A church where the prophecies abound.

Our Pastors

Assistants & Branches

Alfred &Nirmala Thomas


Shemiya Gajendran


Wadduwa AthulaBolongho

Pastor -Victory Life Church

Kegalle NihalAshoka

Pastor-Victory Life Church

Our Mission

For people to build upon the revelation that JESUS is the Son of God. And to ensure that they too live as the Sons of God that have defeated all the powers of hell.

Our Vision

For all people to be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth. And for the Body of CHRIST, the Church, to be edifies.